About Thomas

Thomas Gravatt grew up in North Somerset and moved to Southampton in 2014 for University. Thomas has a deep connection to both Hampshire and Southampton and will stand up and fight for our area tooth and nail. Thomas lives locally with his partner Amy who is a Doctor at Southampton General Hospital.

Since 2018 Thomas has been a Campaign Manager for South Somerset Liberal Democrats running the 2019 District Council elections and the 2022 Somerset Council elections. In both cases he was responsible for campaigns that resulted in us electing the largest Lib Dem Council group in the country - twice! Alongside the Somerset campaign Thomas was a key member of the Bassett election campaign which resulted in us winning our first council seat in Southampton since 2010.

Thomas has also previously chaired the national youth and student organisation, Young Liberals, sat on the executive of Hampshire European Movement, and has been a guest speaker at pro-European events across Hampshire. He has also spearheaded campaigns for more NHS funding, against cuts to schools funding, and for infrastructure investment across our region.

Thomas is a highly experienced campaigner and knows what has to be done to win in Romsey and Southampton North. If you select Thomas as the next Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, he will work tirelessly to ensure that the Liberal Democrats continue to win elections across Test Valley and Southampton, and he will use this winning council base to make sure we win back this constituency for the Liberal Democrats. Thomas Gravatt will always stand up for our communities. As the PPC, and the MP for our area Thomas will provide the whole of the constituency with the representation and commitment it deserves from an MP.

Thomas Gravatt said "I believe that politics is about people. Politicians need to be there to help local residents when they have problems, and they need to stand up for their area, and their electorate, in Parliament. I have a strong record of working hard and delivering for residents. I pride myself on getting things done, listening to others and standing up for what is right.

"I have consistently stood up to the Conservatives when they have announced regressive policies, and I will continue to do so. With meaningful opposition to this Government we can try to limit the damage they are doing to our country. By standing up to the Conservatives, helping local people, and delivering a strong campaign - including talking to as many voters on the doorstep as possible - we can demonstrate that the Liberal Democrats are the best party to represent Romsey and Southampton North in Parliament"

"If I am selected I will do everything I can to make sure we gain the trust of local voters, and that we have enough campaigning capacity to win back this constituency for the Liberal Democrats."